Friday, May 18, 2018

parent letter 5-18-18

What a great week we’ve had! The Kindergarten program was outstanding on Tuesday!! (Thanks, Mrs. Killian). Field Day is always a highlight of the year, too!! Your child will probably be tired today. A big thanks to Mrs. Knost for planning & setting up all of the fun activities and helping us learn to keep our bodies moving!
Here’s what else we’ve been up to:
Bible Story: The Widow’s Mite (Luke 21:1-4). Jesus taught his disciples that a poor widow gave a few coins, all the money she had, while some rich men gave a lot of money but had a lot left. Jesus said she had given more, because it was from the heart & she trusted that he would provide for her.
Literature: We finished reading Frog & the Dragonfly (little books). Please have your children practice reading them at home, also. Help them remember to sound out any words they don’t know and point to each word as they read (unless they are more experienced readers). The summer book that I mentioned was Summer Bridge Activities (K-1). Sam’s was out of them, but I found them online at Walmart for $10. Even if you don’t choose to do a workbook, please keep your child reading this summer. Local libraries have wonderful incentive programs. We’ll also be sending home a book of poems that the children have been reading throughout the year. If you’ve kept any of the little readers form school, they’re great. Bob Books & Dr. Suess books are good (with lots of repetition), as well as any leveled books you find, or any books you have at home. Read with & to your children daily—it really makes a world of difference!! Have them write words or sentences with sidewalk chalk or on write-on/wipe-off boards to keep it fun.
Math: I checked Math skills for grade cards, and we’ll continue this through next week, along with simple addition.
Science: We finished up our unit on anatomy by gluing organs on a person & talking about the purpose of each organ. The children glued pictures of the life cycle of a butterfly into their science notebooks. There’s plenty of room for them to continue writing and drawing about nature & science this summer, in the back of the books.
Art: We colored in some felt heart for our Chapel Buddies. We hope to get together with them next week sometime, if your child would like to write them a note or draw a picture thanking them for all of their help this year, please send it on Monday.
A few reminders:
*Please get your church & Sunday School attendance form in by Friday, as well as the Service project form.
As our year comes to an end, I want to tell you what a pleasure it’s been for Ms. Nan & I to work with you and your child this year. I couldn’t have had a better group for my last year of teaching, so thank you! We’ll still be around if you need anything this summer or just want to drop us an email or note. You can contact me at my current email until the end of June, and I’ll inform you of my new one. You can reach Ms. Nan at The children have learned so much this year, and we’re proud of each one of them!
Have a wonderful last weekend of kindergarten, Mrs. Belsha & Ms. Nan
Important dates:
May 21: Celebrate James’ summer birthday!!
May 22: Celebrate Savannah’s summer birthday!!
May 23: Celebrate Riley M’s summer birthday!!
May 24: Happy birthday, Michael!!
May 25: Last Day of School –8:30 Chapel (11:00 dismissal)—come to classroom to help carry supplies. (I’ll try to keep my composure, but can’t promise anything. Goodbye’s are not my specialty. (Ms. Nan’s either). Thank you for keeping it brief—we don’t have too many Kleenex’s left in our classroom—ha)!!
Also: CCLS picnic at Kirkwood Park
Prayer Requests: *For a good last week & thanking God for our wonderful year!