Friday, March 16, 2018

parent letter 3-16-18

Thanks for all of the shoe boxes and gallon jugs that have been sent in. Keep sending them next week yet (especially milk or water jugs). We’ll finish up our 2 projects that week. Last I counted, we had about 15 milk jugs & need 24! Thanks for helping as much as you can. (Drink lots of milk)!!
Here’s what else we’ve been up to:
Bible Story: Jesus Heals Ten Men (Luke 17:11-19). We heard how 10 men with leprosy asked Jesus to heal them and to their amazement, he did! Only 1 came back to say thanks, though. We also learned about Palm Sunday, and how Jesus rode on a donkey while the people treated him like a king—just one week before they would turn on him and put him to death. We sang Jumping Up & Down by the Donut Repair Club. (The kids love this one—check it out on You Tube)!
Literature: We reviewed the stories from last week and put sentence strips in order to retell the story. We practiced our sight words, do, what, little & said. In small groups, we read stories about space. I’m trying to challenge everyone a little more with reading, so they may need help with a word or two, but please have them read the little books and poems that come home.
Math: We worked on patterns, fractions (whole, half, fourth) and numbers up to 20. We checked the children on skills for grade cards also.
Art: The children colored and cut out Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane to put in our special boxes—you’ll have to see the finished product to see how special these are! They also colored some crayon resist shamrock pictures.
Social Studies: We’ve been learning about St. Patrick’s Day and heared how St. Patrick taught people about our one, true God by using a shamrock. It’s one shamrock, but has 3 leaves. One God, but 3 people (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). We had some fun, cutting out some Leprechaun hats & dancing an Irish jig!
Special snack: The children made some Green Eggs & Ham, along with leprechaun toast (cinnomin/sugar toast with green sprinkles, of course) in honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow & Dr. Suess’s birthday earlier this month. We voted to see if we liked them or not and watched a movie based on the book. It was a special day!
Our school is participating in March Madness for books. Our class read all 18 of the elementary books up for voting in the U.S., and we’ve been voting each week. Check out the big bracket in the hallway! It’s so neat to hear the kids talk about the books they like and which ones are getting to move on!
Report Card: This should be in Friday Folders. Be sure to look it over with your child, giving lots of praise and help where needed. (The skills checklist will show what your child knows. Help with things in yellow. Everything else will be on this last quarter’s grade card, including tying shoes)!! Keep the grade card & papers, but sign & return the envelope. Thanks!
Easter: This is such a special time of year. If you believe what Jesus did for us on the cross, you will have eternal life (John 3:16). Christians are blessed. We can celebrate the Easter bunny, family get-togethers, spring…but we also know the true meaning of Easter and can celebrate that with joy!! We truly hope that your family will attend one of the many church services celebrating Jesus on or around April 1st!
Spring Break: We pray for anyone who will be traveling, and a relaxing time, if you’re staying home. (My family isn’t off, so we’re just taking a quick weekend trip & then I hope to get caught up on some things, which can be nice, too).
Have a wonderful Spring Break & we’ll see you again on March 26! Mrs. Belsha & Ms. Nan
Important dates:
March 19-23: Spring Break!!
March 26: Happy Birthday, Christian!!
March 30 & April 2: No School—Good Friday & Easter Monday!
Prayers: *Safety for anyone traveling, including the Uganda mission team
                *For a fun and safe spring break